Javier Carretero Gonzalez

Tenured Scientist
jcarretero @

Marianella Hernández

Tenured Scientist
marherna @
Miguel Angel

Miguel Ángel López Manchado

Research Professor
lmanchado @

Raquel Verdejo

Research Scientist
rverdejo @

Postdoctoral Researchers


Mario Hoyos

Postdoctoral Researcher
hoyos @

Suman Thakur

Postdoctoral Researcher, JIN
s.thakur @

Early Researchers and Students

Jordy Guadalupe

PhD Candidate, CAM Industrial PhD, ICTP-CSIC-SEI

Alberto Santiago Bethencourt

PhD Candidate

Manal Chaib

PhD Candidate, ICTP-CSIC - University of Marrakech, Marrocco

Itziar Mas

PhD Candidate

Saúl Utrera Barrios

PhD Candidate

Juan Carlos Martínez López

PhD Candidate, PTI-FlowBat

Daniel García Giménez

PhD Candidate

David Martín Crespo

PhD Candidate

Alejandro Ares

PhD Candidate, SPIRIT project

Sergio González Tomé


Former Members

Miguel Arroyo Ramos

Research Professor

José María Fernández-Bravo

Lab Assistant

José María Kenny

Currently working at University of Perugia

Laura Peponi

Currently working at Institute of Polymer Science and Technology
Tenured Scientist

Mar Bernal Ortega

Currently working at Bridgestone
R & D Chemist

Natacha Bitinis

Currently working at Dow Chemical
Senior TS & D Engineer, Packaging and Specialty Plastics

Mario Martín Gallego

Currently working at Gonvarri
Innovation Project Manager

Laura Jimenez Romasanta

Currently working at Polyprocess
R & D Lab Manager

Leandro Casaban Julián

Currently working at Pinturas Blatem S.L.
Technical Director

Héctor Aguilar Bolados

Currently working at University of Concepción, Chile
Tenured Professor

José María Vázquez Moreno

Currently working as Local Police

Rubén Sánchez Hidalgo

Currently working at I.E.S.

Vanesa Yuste Sanchez

Currently working at the University of Valladolid

Jorge Montero

Currently working at Universitá Tor Vergata of Rome, Italy

Nedia Gafsi

Currently working at the University of Sfax

Javier Araujo

Currently working at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Luis Alonso Pastor

Currently working at the University of Valladolid

Amparo Fernández Benito

Currently working at Captoplastic SL

Mónica Peñas Caballero

Currently working at Biogas S.L.

Said El Khezraji

Currently working at Case Western Reserve University